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What We Provide

We aim to provide comprehensive groundworks and construction services for both commercial and domestic customers alike.

We have many years of experience in all aspects of construction, site clearance, resurfacing and general building. From small domestic driveways through to major surfacing contracts, business parks and drainage systems.

Whatever your requirements whether its commercial groundworks or residential house building you can be confident in quality workmanship and services; please contact us to arrange a FREE no obligation quote.


  • Foundations and footings

  • Concrete bases

  • Hard standings

  • Fencing - contract and domestic


  • Commercial drainage

  • Residential drainage

  • Drainage system repair

  • Sewage systems

  • Cesspools

  • Septic tanks


  • Concrete

  • Tarmac

  • Block paving


  • Block paving

  • Paving slabs

  • Driveways

  • Paths


  • Paving slabs

  • Block paving

  • Decking


  • Ramps

  • Rails



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As Groundwork Contractors, Greengates Construction Ltd would get to work on greenfield sites (agricultural or amenity land being considered for urban development) or brownfield sites (a site after demolition job).

With a greenfield site, the team go in and plan and complete all the groundworks – drainage, all services, take away any excess muck and vegetation, put in all foundations and concrete slabs and install any deep drainage that has to get connected to roadways. The team also install any build ups, hard landscaping, grass etc and any aspects that are required afterwards.

As specialist Groundwork Contractors, Greengates Construction Ltd work closely with project owners and developers to ensure that they identify a client’s needs then provide a solution that technically and financially meets those needs to the highest quality and to the safest possible standards.

As Groundwork Contractors, Greengates offer a complete groundworks package for all types of works – large and small – sometimes in difficult, restricted access areas with challenging working conditions and sites with poor ground conditions.

Here's a summary of the types of groundworks we can complete for you:

  • Site preparation.

  • Ground improvement.

  • Site clean-up.

  • Setting out.

  • Bulk excavation.

  • Storm water storage.

  • Foul pumping station and rising main.

  • Petrol interceptors.

  • Plot drainage.

  • All soft and hard landscaping.

  • Fencing.

  • Car park construction.

  • Tarmac works.

For more information on the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Concrete Works

Greengates Construction Ltd
complete concrete foundation work on a wide variety of structures. We undertake most types of Concrete Works including reinforced concrete slabs and general foundations.
We have experience in a comprehensive range of concreting projects from private domestic contracts to large scale commercial, retail and industrial schemes.
When Concrete Works are discussed, the finish of the concrete is also considered – the relevant finish will depend on what the concrete is for and if anything, such as carpet (which will require a very good finish), will be placed on top of it. A rough finish will be necessary where the concrete is being built up with screeds for insulation etc.
Laying concrete can be a challenging task, and every job is different. Layout, pricing and scheduling are essential parts of the operation, and every scheme requires proper planning, experienced staff and a high quality of work.
Proper preparation is essential for concreting, and a sub-base layer will not only provide an ideal surface on which to lay concrete but also ensure greater stability and longer life.
Proper sub-base preparation will also allow the concrete to cure appropriately as well as reduce the chances of damage from ground movement or frost heaving.
Greengates Construction Ltd are fully experienced in preparing the ground and laying forms of wood, metal or plastic to ensure the concrete is appropriately poured, levelled, tamped, cured and finished to the client's specifications.
For more information on the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Drainage services offered by Greengates Construction Ltd include any storm and foul services.
Greengates prides itself on its expertise, experience and specialist knowledge and experience in the field of drainage installation for customers.
This includes everything from land drains, trenching, utility laying and sports field drainage through to the construction of ACO slot drainage systems and discharge channels in car parks.
The Storm drainage ensures any rainwater coming down from your building or hard landscaping goes into your shoots and then into the ground and into a pipe. The pipes would then lead into a continuation tank or soak away. Sometimes, an entirely new system would be installed, which will then take the water out to the main road.
The foul water systems take water from inside your premises – such as your kitchen – and Greengates can plan and install a whole new system, including runs for your drains and manholes etc.
We can solve problems to existing drains and create new infrastructure, delivering services that include excavations and excavation repairs, drainage design, manhole installation, pipe laying, soakaways and storm and sewer systems.
Channel drains can be used to take surface water from areas. They are used anywhere that needs an open grate channel to funnel excess water to a nearby soakaway or storm drain. They are often found in car parks, patios, driveways and playgrounds.
Channel drains are a versatile and efficient drainage system that is often found on both commercial and domestic properties.
Greengates is familiar with the polymer and concrete channel drainage systems, and our workforce can provide lightweight, robust and unobtrusive drainage in most domestic and light commercial situations.
Domestic driveways, patios and paths are often built on a slope to help water drain into the surrounding soil. But those with a large paved area or who have heavy clay soil may find that a channel drain is enough to ensure that water never collects to cause local flooding. Channel drains direct excess water away to a dispersal point.
We are also familiar with more heavy duty channels that can enable excellent drainage of large paved or blocked areas and have substantial experience in designing and building extensive land drainage systems.
Our expert staff has wide knowledge and experience of working in 'difficult' conditions that require a creative solution to land drainage problems.
For more information on the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Footings & Foundations

Greengates Construction Ltd can meet requirements on all aspects of digging footings, preparing trenches and building foundations for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

We can complete a range of work and relevant tasks in trenching and footings work including;

  • Foundation marking out and excavation

  • Pouring of concrete footings mass filled or reinforced

  • Backfilling and compaction in and around foundations

  • Block and beam floors

  • Concrete floors

  • Other screeded floors

Footing placement, excavation, depth, size and construction is crucial to any construction project and contractors must be up-to-date with the latest building regulations and health and safety at work practices.

Factors to consider in excavation footings and preparing the ground not only include the proposed dead weight and wind loads transmitted to the ground but assessing any potential for ground movement, swelling or shrinkage of the subsoil and possible landslip or subsidence.

Digging footings and laying foundations can be difficult, and this is a construction job that is best left to the professionals. Each footing and foundation must comply with relevant building regulations which will specify the dimensions required by the development plan and the type of ground.

Foundations and footings must take into account the location of drains and other services including any gas, water pipes or underground services and electricity cables.

Once the footings have been dug to the required depth and the subsoil properly compacted, they are turned into foundations by concreting. It is important to assess the correct depth and the amount of concrete needed.

Whatever your requirements from small backyard buildings to large public works projects, for trench digging, footings preparation and foundations we can help. 

For more information on the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Greengates Construction Ltd can offer a broad range of solutions for your footpath or driveway construction, repair and maintenance needs.

We carry out complete driveway and footpath projects from inception to completion; this includes the excavations, drainage and sub-base through to the finished surfacing whether it be unbound, asphalt or block paving.

When choosing materials for paths, footways or drives it is sensible to choose the right sub-base and the most appropriate surface materials, and here our expert knowledge can be put to good use.

Sub-bases must be firm and stable to cope with heavy daily use yet they must leave pores large enough to allow good drainage. Choosing the right sub-base material is essential.

Unbound surfaces, while cheaper, can deteriorate quickly with heavy use or poor weather while users such as cyclists will generally prefer a smoother bound surface.

Smoothness, usability and weathering factors should also be evaluated in the light of appearance, durability and maintenance implications when designing and building a footpath, cycle track or driveway.

The only way to ensure your new driveway will be robust enough to last for years to come is with thorough preparation of the ground. This is why it is our top concern, from preparing the sub-base, to removal of vegetation and the laying of the correct depth of crushed hardcore.

We also ensure that the site has the correct amount of compacted sand (not the excessive amount that some contractors use as a quick fix for poorly compacted land), the right drainage system where necessary and adequate kerb restraint edges.

As for the type of materials used for the drive itself, we can supply and install all of these options:

Nowadays there is a great choice of tarmac colours and finishes so we can ensure your drive is perfectly in keeping with the surrounding area. The tarmac can be complemented by features such as contrasting brick borders to create something that will add to the value and look of your property and will not be somewhere just to park your car.

Concrete drives - The traditional bed of sand and cement is still a robust driveway material and with block edgings can look attractive too.

Block paving is an increasingly popular material for driveways, paths and patios. Block paving looks much better than standard paving flags and the blocks are available in different sizes, colours and textures.

We offer a bespoke solution to your roadway needs and cater for all manner of road, driveway and pathway surface finishes including:

  • Asphalt finished driveways.

  • Block paved entrances.

  • Gravel and stone drives

  • Pressed concrete approaches.

  • Resin bonded driveways.

  • All footpath work, paved, asphalt, brick or gravel.

  • All types of agricultural roads and tracks.

For more information on the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Patios & Decking

Greengates Construction Ltd are proud to be able to provide all types of paving, including cobblelock and granite sets.

We are able to install paving of any design, vehicle drainage as well as resin bound gravel and any kind of hard landscaping.

Patio paving can come in a range of materials, shapes, sizes and costs so careful consideration should be given both to patio design and budgets.

Typical patio designs will include materials such as:

  • Indian stone

  • Patio slabs

  • Block paving

  • Granite sets

  • Decorative stone

Paving slabs are the most frequent choice for patios, available in many styles including some that look just like old stone. Paving slabs also often cost less than block paving and the two can be combined in a single design.

Block paving can be a useful alternative to paving slabs because of its durability. When properly installed it won’t crack or shift and it has great flexibility in terms of design options.

Decking can also be used to create attractive patios and we use high quality decking materials to ensure yours will be attractive and durable.

Designing and installing all of the above patio types requires skill and experience if it is to be done properly. Thanks to our credentials as groundworks specialists we can in particular ensure your new patio has a firm base for maximum stability and long life.

Patios should be built to last and great attention should be paid to patio subbase layers and to patio drainage. Laying patio paving is a skilled task if you want the best results.

You can be confident that we will install your driveway, patio or landscaped area to the highest standard not only because of our experience and expertise but also because we use high-quality materials and have the highest standards of workmanship.

For more information on the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Extensions & Renovations

If you’d like to improve your current property rather than move, Greengates Construction Ltd can help give you the space you need.
We work with budgets big or small, and specialise in: 
• House extensions and renovations;
• Start-to-finish domestic and commercial new builds;
• Industrial and commercial premises;
• Loft and garage conversions;
• Outdoor living (including decking and outbuildings);
• Environmentally friendly building techniques.
We specialise in all types of house extensions including:
• Refitted and extended kitchens;
• Refitted and extended bathrooms, saunas, wetrooms and steam rooms;
• Home gyms;
• Home cinemas and multimedia rooms;
• Loft conversions;
• Garage conversions and playrooms;
• Conservatories and sunrooms;
• Home offices, shelving and storage;
• Entrance porches;
• Decking and outbuildings;
• And any other ways of improving your home!
For more information on the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Landscaping & Garden Design

Hard landscaping describes architectural design features that can be used to improve a landscape. Examples of hard landscaping are the construction of patios, paving, parking areas and so on. These landscaping schemes often include paving, fencing, lighting and drainage. We have the expertise and equipment to carry out all types of landscaping projects, large or small. Work can include:

  • Paths, tracks and minor roads

  • Paved patios and decking

  • Car parks and driveways

  • Barriers, bollards

  • Courtyards and play areas

  • Retaining walls & fencing

  • Irrigation systems

Soft Landscaping refers to the creation of scenic area with soft materials such as soil, turf, trees and plants. We have an expert team capable of carrying out all types of soft landscaping schemes, both large and small, domestic or commercial. Soft landscaping projects can include:

  • Ground works and site clearance

  • Topsoils, subsoils and turf laying

  • Rivers, lakes and ponds

  • Tree, hedge and shrub planting

  • Flowers, bulbs and seeding

For more information on the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.